Waterproof Nappy Covers

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These covers are made from PUL, and is very stretchy and waterproof.

They can used over Towelling flats, Muslin flats, Prefolds, Fitted nappies or you can use inserts or trifolds inside the flaps.

They fasten with snaps and have 3 x 3 rise snaps to adjust the rise.

Hip snaps will prevent wing droop.

They will fit approximately from 4-15 kg.

The covers can be re-used just wipe and put it back on the bum.

Because they are made from PUL they dry very quickly so one does not need a lot, and therefore it’s a very affordable option.

You can use your own inserts, but please don’t use microfiber inserts against the bum as it will dry out your baby’s skin.


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