Large Cloth Menstrual Pads (Minky top)


These cloth pads can be used for heavy flow or by those that prefer long pads

They are about 29 cm x 20 cm

This consists of 1 base and 2 absorbent pads

The absorbent pad can snap off and if the base of the pad is not soiled you can snap the other absorbent pad on and reuse the base pad

The base consists of 2 layers velour and a hidden layer waterproof PUL

The absorbent pads are made from PUL (bottom) then a layer of hemp fleece, a layer thick bamboo terry and on top Minky (polyester).

The velour is almost like velvet, and has a pile and I found that works great for the base as the pile prevents movement in your underwear as well as the fact that it does not really allow any fluids to penetrate it easily, so it adds to the waterproofing.

Minky on top of the pad is for those who would like a stay dry effect against the skin.



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