Hemp/Bamboo/Cotton Fleece Inserts

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2 Layers of Bamboo/Cotton blend fleece (50% bamboo and 50% cotton) and 3 layers of hemp fleece in the center – no microfibre inside (5 layers in total)

These inserts are specially made for Eco Nappy Solutions and are unlike any other you can buy in South Africa.

Most bamboo inserts you buy are either 2 layers of a thin bamboo terry and 2 layers microfibre or 4 layers of thin bamboo terry only that makes the inserts very thin an floppy and difficult to use inside pocket nappies as they tend to fold or scrunch up.  Because these are made from bamboo/cotton and hemp fleece the fabrics are thicker and therefore the inserts are thicker and will not scrunch up.

The nature of the fabrics also make them a lot more absorbent than the normal bamboo inserts available locally.

Cream coloured 

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